I was reading your website and I have something to say about Mothers. I salute to all (rich or poor) mothers of this world!!!! I will tell you why:

When we are about 5 years of age, we think our mother’s are superwomen. In our minds, they can do anything and everything for us. Even if we want the moon, we feel they will get it for us. But at that age, we do not realize just how much of a superwoman she is. She cooks & cleans for us, she buys us all sorts of necessary things, and most of all, and she disciplines us to try to make us a good human being.

When we are about 10 years of age, We forget about all her added responsibilities of running errands, making sure we make good friends, making sure we have all the latest to fit into our society. And then we fail to see the hidden tears in her eyes when we tell her that she never buys us anything or takes us places. With her tears hidden she still continues to do all those things.

When we are about 15 years of age, We see our mothers as someone from the “old ages”; who doesn’t know what’s in fashion, who gives us advice we don’t want to hear, or someone that always says “no” all the time. But when we are in deep sleep in our beds, we fail to see her lack of sleep due to worries or hear the arguments that she has with our fathers in making him understand our “teen years”.

When we are about 25 years of age, We see our mother as someone who has to say “yes” and “agree” to all our choices. And majority of the time, she always does! Although, we expect her advice, we just want her consent. At times we don’t realize that she does accept most of our major decision with a strong heart.

Deep inside her heart, she wishes every second of the day that our decision is the best. And if bad decision is made, she will always be there and still her head high. When we are about 35 years of age, the super mother comes again. Who, not only takes care of her grandchildren, but accepts the major decisions in our life and tries to help us in all the ways a mother can when we seem upset or overworked. At this point in our lives, we have a second home where we know that we can be pampered if we want. Where we can be a child and ask for without even asking be given what is desired from our heart. She can sometimes, even read our mind.

When we are about 45 years of age, we start realizing all that our mothers have done for us and want to help her. But being the unselfish soul she is, she smilingly nods her head and says that all she wants from us is to be happy.

When we are about 55 years of age, we sit back and think, not just one instance, but many where our mothers have played a great role in our lives and hope she can understand and hear our appreciation.

When we are about 65 years of age, we wish our mothers could listen to our aches and pains, and our problem but she is nowhere to be found and no one in the world can replace her.

At this point in our lives, if someone was to raise this question:
“What would you like to be?”

We would reply-
“I would first like to be a good mother!!!”