Ram Navami, 1981

Half an hour broadcast of first non-commercial Vedic Religion radio program starts on CJMR, 1190 AM Band, every Sunday 5:30-6:00 PM.

April 1982

Time of broadcast changed to Saturday 12:30- 1:00 PM.

December 1984

First Bhajan Hit Parade consisting of 10 most popular bhajans of the year selected by the Bhajanawali listeners commenced and continues till today. So far Bhajanawali has published 25 tapes and CDs of best bhajans of the years not including four 90-minute tapes of 50 best bhajans of the Millennium in 2000.


The following saints were interviewed in Bhajanawali:
Swami Purushottamananda (Chinmaya Mission), Swami Sahajananda (Sadhu Samaj), Swami Bawara (Brhmarshi Mission), Swami Premananda (Vishwa Adhyatmic Sangh), Swami Ananta (Chinmaya Mission), Dada Vaswani, Dadi Vaswani, Swami Jagannath Sharma, Did Brajvanchari ,Did Parkari and Param Pujyapad Swami Asaram Bapu.


The following Bhajan singers were interviewed:
Shri Hari Om Sharan, Shrimati Nandini Sharan, Shri Surendra Kohli, Shri Mahendra Kapoor, Shri Anup Jalota, Shri Purushottam Jalota and Shrimati Kalpana Parmar.

August 3, 1985

Duration of broadcast was extended to one hour on CHWO, 1250 AM Band. And Bhajanawali was incorporated as a charitable organization called Bhajanawali Devotional Services Inc.


First regular item “Gyan-Gita for younger generations” commenced.


Second Regular item “Ramayana-Path” commenced with the help of Shri Brajesh Pandey, Smt. Mamta Pandey, Shri Nandu Thimana and Smt. Priti Sharma and lasted until 1990.


Regular English discourses by 13 year old Mohit Rajhans.



Detailed interviews of Swami Satya Mitranand ji Giri ji Maharaj.


Bhajanwali broadcast shifted back to CJMR at 1320 AM band and continues its broadcast on this band in the Greater Toronto Area as the only non-commercial Vedic Religion Program supported by the listeners’ charitable donations.

Father’s Day, 1997

“Bhajans on your requests” a monthly item in Bhajanawali was started by Anamika Rajhans.


Worldwide broadcast of Bhajanawali commenced on its web site: www.bhajanawali.com



Another regular item “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Hinduism” was started and 50 questions were answered.


Another regular item “Sant-Vani” commenced. Under this item the excerpts of Sant’s pravachans can be heard.


Shalini Rajhans joins as co-host.


Another regular item “Unforgettable Bhajans of yesteryears commenced to mark Bhajanawali’s Silver Jubilee Broadcast Year.


Bhajanawali online audio now presented in MP3 format after almost 8 years of Real Audio format.


Bhajanawali Radio broadcasts comes to an end. Only webcasts available now.


Bhajanawali web site now accepts online donations via PayPal


Bhajanawali webcasts/broadcasts moved to the YouTube channel.


Bhajanawali website relaunched.