About Gyan Rajhans

Gyan Rajhans has been serving the community by producing and broadcasting the only non-commercial Vedic religion radio broadcasts and webcasts since 1981.

Gyan Rajhans has published extensively on Religious and Spiritual matters and some of them have been republished by several spiritual journals and web sites worldwide including in the widely well known Hindu Web site www.hinduism.about.com and an independent e-monthly www.SouthAsianOutlook.com

Gyan Rajhans has also translated Sri Mad Bhagvad Gita (considered to be the Hindu Bible) in simple English and Hindi. For his Spiritual services Gyan Rajhans has been given several titles including Rishi, and Hindu Ratna.

In 2005, an International Organization of global repute and influence, “India International Friendship Society”, representing the people India, Indians and Non Indians of various nationalities who support India, has honored Gyan Rajhans with “Bharat Gaurav Award (Pride of India Award)” and along with Certification of Excellence.

The letter to Gyan Rajhans informing him of this Award says-

“After pursuing your bio-data, most objectively and impartially, it remains our considered opinion that you have given a fight in life and your worthy example does inspire others towards certain remarkable achievement.”

Gyan Rajhans is the first Indo Canadian to be selected for this highly honored award. On June 24, 2005 Gyan Rajhans was awarded the Canadian Ethnic Journalists and Writers’ Club 2005 Award for best internet series in South Asian Outlook-an independent e-monthly.

In his 30 year broadcast Gyan Rajhans has presented English and Hindi discourses on all aspects of the Vedanta Philosophy, symbolism of the stories contained in the Ramayana, Mahabharata and 18 puranas. In his weekly webcast of Gyan-Gita, he has presented detailed explanations of all the 700 shlokas of Shri Mad Bhagavad Gita. In the other weekly broadcasts on FAQs on Hinduism he has answered 45 questions on Hinduism for the beginners. For example: what is the Vedic concept of creation and dissolution of the universe; what is the doctrine of Karma and what are the 10 myths about karma theory; what is the relationship between Karma and Free will; is there any truth about reincarnation; what are the debts an individual is borne with; does Mantra-Chanting provide healing and spiritual power; why do we need a Guru and how to find a Sad guru; what is sin and can sins be forgiven; what is heaven & hell; why fast on religious occasions; what is the symbolic significance of Lord Ganesha’s elephant head and big belly; what is the significance of performing a Havan; why do we close our eyes when we pray; why and how to pray etc.

Gyan Rajhans has personally interviewed several well-known Hindu spiritual leaders, e.g. Swami Satya Mitranand ji Giri Ji Maharaj, Swami Tejomaya Nanada, Swami Asaramji Bapu, Swami Vishwatma Bawra, Swami Pragyananda, Dr Pranav Pandya and numerous other spiritual leaders who have visited Toronto since 1981.

Gyan Rajhans is available for spiritual discourses and workshops on the following subjects:

  • Fear of Death
  • Religion Vs Dharma
  • Anatomy of Anger
  • The Karma Doctrine
  • The Power of Mantra Chanting
  • Pride Ego and Arrogance: How to keep them at bay?
  • Jealousy: an unnecessary evil
  • Why and how to pray?
  • Ten Commandments for Peace of Mind
  • Ten Commandments for a successful marriage
  • Hindu Concept of Creation
  • Significance of performing a Havan
  • The Basis of Caste System in Hinduism
  • Ideals of a Hindu Marriage
  • Are Hindus Idol Worshipers?
  • The Gayatri Mantra