Why Complain?

Every day I come across someone who is a perpetual whiner; spends all his life in complaining. His mind is eager to find out a cause for complaining; his life is a series of failures; and every [...]

Is there True Love?

    I have yet to figure out what true or immaculate love is. The relation one has with another in this world is invariably governed by the principle of give and take, so much so that [...]

Death, Suicide and Rebirth

Recently one of my close friends died when the plug of his life support was pulled by the attending physician of ICU of the hospital. It is stipulated that my friend must have signed a DNR (Do [...]

Ideals of a Hindu Marriage

At the outset let me establish that according to Hinduism man and woman represent the two halves of the divine body. There is no question of superiority or inferiority between them. However, it [...]


Nava-ratri literally means nine nights. This festival is observed twice a year, once in the beginning of summer and again in the beginning of winter. Before I explain “why twice a [...]

Why and How to Pray

During my 20 years of Vedic Religion Radio Broadcasting in the Greater Toronto Area and on our web site www.bhajanawali.com I have had several occasions of producing special programs on prayer [...]

Ten commandments of peace of mind

On several occasions in various temples I have been asked to speak on the ways and means to attain peace of mind, the most sought after objective/commodity of human race since time immemorial. In [...]

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