About Bhajanawali

Bhajanawali is a non-profit charitable organization. We publish audio and reading content on the subject of spirituality. Bhajanawali was started in April 1981 as a non-profit, charitable radio program. It was and is still based on Vedic Religion and philosophy. In those days we used to broadcast a weekly discourse every Sunday from 06:30 PM to 07:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time) on CJMR AM1320 in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. In 1998 we started this website and started offering the same broadcast online.

Form 1998-2006 we presented the same radio program every week on the internet that we did on the radio. That simultaneous broadcast was available on the program’s scheduled time, and also for the next four weeks on the internet. We also published other popular discourses and bhajans on the website. In 2007 we ended our radio broadcasts and continued weekly online webcasts only. On special occasions we produce more than one special weekly webcast. For example in 2008 we produced 9 webcasts for each day of Shaardeeya Navaratra with complete recitation of Shri Durga Saptashati.

To meet the costs incurred on our webcasts we rely completely on your donations. There are no commercials in our webcasts. The donors receive charitable donation receipts for tax deductions in Canada. It is your continued help and donations that have made Bhajanawali sustain all these years.

Britannica Encyclopedia, 1998

Bhajanawali has been recognized by Britannica Encyclopedia as follows:-

Britannica.com is contacting you because our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability.

Hinduism Today, 1999

We are pleased to tell our visitors that Hinduism Today, the most popular magazine on Hinduism which is published and circulated worldwide, has reviewed the Bhajanawali Website and praised it for its mission. This is the extract of the text from the magazine-

Ever since the Bhajanawali Devotional Program , Toronto’s only charitable radio show on Hinduism, hit the waves in 1981, listeners asked for more broadcast space. That just happened via a new website at www.bhajanawali.com. You will need the free Real Audio Program, because sound files make up the substance of this site. Relax as you hear the best bhajans aired from ’90 to ’98 -full four hours of devotional music online. You will find talks like Eight Reasons to celebrate Deepawali” and “The Art of Prayer”, interviews with swamis and explanation of powers wielded by the Gods. -An uplifting audio feast.

To subscribe to Hinduism Today, please contact Mr. Deepak Sharma at (905) 896-7500 or (416) 995-7525. You can also reach him via email at dsharma@internet.look.ca

Our Team

  • Mr. Gyan Rajhans (Host)
  • Mr. V.B. Sharma (President/Treasurer)
  • Mr. Mohit Rajhans (Youth Program Co-ordinator)
  • Ms. Anamika Rajhans (Co-host)
  • Ms. Shalini Rajhans (Co-host)