#GitaJayanti 2018 special -Main teachings of the #Gita explained in both #English and #Hindi

As #Hindus throughout the world unite to celebrate the very revelation of the most blessed scripture, the #ShrimadBhagwadGita, Shri#GyanRajhans and the team at #Bhajanawali.com come together to bring you a very special program to both rejoice and explain the significance of this most blessed day.

In this non- commercial broadcast presentation, you will experience the following Discourses:
1. Discover the origin of Gita (In English)
2. What is the Gita’s influence in our lives ? (In English)
3. What does the Bhagavad Gita give to its seekers? (In English)
4. What is Gita’s relevance in modern times ? (In English)
5. Learn Six of the Gita’s main teachings (In Hindi).

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