#GuruPurnima Special- Hindi Discourse on the glory of #Guru in #HanumanChalisa and #RamCharitManas

With the world coming together to mark the glorious and pious occasion of #GuruPurnima, we at #Bhajanawali.com understand the confusion as to the significance of this special day. To better assist you, Shri #GyanRajhans and team have brought for you a #highlyspecialprogram which will help shed some light onto this blessed day.

In this program, you will hear a #SpecialHindiDiscourse on the glory of Guru in both the #HanumanChalisa and #RamCharitManas

As well, settle back with family and friends to enjoy these truly memorable #GuruBhajans:

1. Naiya Padi Majhdhar, Guru bin..

2. Sadguru Jaisa Param Hiteshi…

3. Guru Miley Bramha Gyani

Blessings to you all on this celebration of #GuruPurnima!

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