Find out why Hanuman is the most popular deity of Hindus- A #HanumanJayanti Special

As begins a #BrandNewYear of service to the worldwide community at large, we also come together in the celebration of #HanumanJayanti. With this in mind Shri #GyanRajhans and team have joined to bring you a most enlightening special for this most joyous occasion. In this program, you will enjoy this following discourse in #English:

Learn why #Hanuman is the most popular deity?
Also, relax with your family to enjoy this #Timeless collection of #HanumanMantras:

1. Marut nandan namo namah

2. Atulit baldhamam

3. Manojavam

4. Hanuman Gayatri
As well as this #treasured #HanumanBhajan

Ramji Tumhro Bhakta Hanumana

Blessings to you all in this celebration of #HanumanJayanti!