Significance of worshiping Ma Durga for 9 nights and 16 steps to perform the #DeviPuja for #Navratri

As the period of #ShaardeyaNavratri fast approaches… many thoughts turn toward uniting with family and friends for the pulsating energy of #DandiyaRass and #Garba, while it may be a big part… that’s not the true significance of this important period.  Shri #GyanRajhans and the team of have put together a very special program explaining these highly focused days.

First, learn the significance of worshiping God as Divine mother for 9 nights and then learn in Hindi how to perform 16 steps of Devi Puja including “Kalas sthapna” on the first day and following 8 days of Navratri including “Kshama Prarthana”