Karma and Reincarnation- #BuddhaJayanti Special

As the world unites to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha, Shri Gyan Rajhans and the team of #Bhajanawali.com have come together to celebrate and answer some most important questions in this year’s #BuddhPurnima Special. In today’s program, you will hear the following Discourses.


  1. Exactly what does Hinduism and Buddhism say about birth and rebirth(In English)?
  2. Discover whether a human being can be reborn as an animal ?



  1. Koi Laakh Kare Chaturayee, Karam Ka Lekh Mite Naa Re Bhai
  2. Jagat mein jo bhi aate hain, apne apne karmon ka phal sab hi pate hain


Blessings to you all on #BuddhPurnima from everybody at #Bhajanawali.com!