Was Lord Hanuman a monkey or a human being?-Hanuman Jayanti Special (April 10th in North America)

As the world counts down to the arrival of #HanumanJayanti for 2017 taking place in North America on April 10th and in India on the 11th, many people still battle with the question of whether #LordHanuman was a monkey or a human being.

In this broadcast, Shri Gyan Rajhans and the team of #Bhajanawali.com will be providing a detailed answer in English along with offering these highly popular #HanumanMantras and #Bhajans…

Hanuman Mantras:

1. Marut nandan namo namah

2. Atulit baldhamam

3. Manojavam

4. Pranavaun pawan kumar

5. Goshpadi krit Vareesham

6. Ullanghay Sindhu

7. Hanuman Gayatri

Hanuman Bhajan:

Bharat Bhai Kapi se Urin hum naahin- Anup Jalota

On behalf of Shri Gyan Rajhans and the entire #Bhajanawali.com team, may we all be worthy of #Hanuman’s grace so any of our physical, mental and spiritual challenges can be vanquished with wishes for a most #Happy HanumanJayanti!