Special on Gita Jayanti-Everything you wished to know about the Gita

As people from all around the world come together in order to celebrate the highly blessed occasion of #GitaJayanti, Gyan Rajhans and the entire Bhajanawali.com team have joined forces with one another to present a most special broadcast on the subject of #GitaJayanti.
In today’s program you shall hear the following Discourses:
1. We answer the question… What is the origin of The Gita? (In English)
2. We discover what The Gita’s influence is upon our lives? (In English)
3. We gain into on what the Bhagavad Gita offers to its seekers? (In English)
4. We ask what The Gita’s relevance is in the modern times of Today? (In English)
5. The Six main teachings of The Gita are also explained (In Hindi).

Wishes for a most #HappyGitaJayanti & #BlessedGitaJayanti to you all from Shri Gyan Rajhans & his family, not forgetting..the entire team @Bhajanawali.com.