All you wanted to know about Pitri Paksha…

Friday, September 16th 2016 marks the beginning to one of the year’s most important, pious & blessed fortnights, Pitri-Paksha (a.k.a Shraaddha) for the Hindus. Hence, Gyan Rajhans and the team of, presents a very special online broadcast.

In today’s broadcast, all that you have wanted to learn about Pitru-Paksha a.k.a. ‪Shraadha is answered in detail in English by Shalini Rajhans and in Hindi by Gyan Rajhans including how our ancestors visit us during the period of Pitru Paksha as well as how they obtain our ‪oblations and donations?


Along with these discourses, you will also have the pleasure of settling back with friends and loved ones to enjoy these following Bhajans, which are among the treasured favourites of my late parents and in-laws
1. Pitu Matu Sahayak
2. Itna to karna swami
3. Koi dhan se tola jata hai
4. Ram kare so hoee
We at express our most sincere hopes & best wishes that all your fasting, prayers, donations & austerities be forever blessed by the Divine, Almighty Lord while the spirit of all the many great souls of the treasured family members, friends, colleagues & other loved ones who have sadly been lost and are no longer with us, be all granted the most pious of blessings during this highly significant time of the year.