Today, remembers one of the most impactful and influential Poet-Saints in Indian history as we join together in observing Kabir Jayanti, which was celebrated throughout the world this past Monday, June 20th.

In today’s program, you will hear the following Discourses:

1. Gain insight into the mysticism of Sant Kabir (In English)

2. Learn about Kabir’s two most popular couplets (Dohas):
“Aisee Vani Boliye..” and “Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala..”
as it is explained in English

3. Chapter 9 Verse 29 is explained in today’s Gyan Gita  (In Hindi)

Also, settle back with loved ones to enjoy the following Kabir Bhajans and Dohas:

1. Kuchh lena na dena..

2. Mo ko kahan dhunde re bande…

3. Popular Kabir dohas

We also remind you of the upcoming and most historic inauguration of the 50 foot statue of Hanuman Ji taking place on July 2nd.