Is there True Love?



I have yet to figure out what true or immaculate love is. The relation one has with another in this world is invariably governed by the principle of give and take, so much so that in the heart of even those who render service or do a good turn to others in a disinterested spirit lurks the feeling that through such service or act of benevolence they are setting up a great ideal of service before the world. Not only this, when I dive deep into their hearts, I find they all are seeking either honor or worship or reputation or applause.

Now, you may ask what about those who perform so called selfless acts like service of the people. Let me tell you what I have discovered by interviewing several such individuals during my 35 years of spiritual broadcasts. Even in those who claim to be free from all desire, there exists the longing to bring about the cessation of their worldly sufferings by escaping from the cycle of birth and death. Thus, the craving for something persists in some form or other.
We can say a mother’s love is unconditional as she accepts her children for what they are, and rears them up lovingly. Even in that selfless love of mother and child there is always a hidden agenda that one day the child will listen and take care of the mother when she gets old.
You can say true love only exists with God. But, even God the Supreme Power, the Hindu mythology and the Gita say, has the desire that His creations should make efforts for Salvation (Moksha).

In the final analysis, so long as one seeks something-so long as the craving for reward and even Liberation or salvation persists in any form whatsoever true love is not there. Till then what goes by the name of love is nothing more than a sort of business transaction, no matter whether it fetches a small gain in the shape of acquisition of a worldly object and appreciation or a big gain in the shape of the attainment of Salvation.