In this broadcast I explain in both English and Hindi how to eradicate the most undesirable evil called Jealousy. You will also hear bhajans meant to both entertain and educate you like: 1. Chhod [...]

Buddha Jayanti

Today, which has been both produced and directed by Shri Gyan Rajhans, is delighted to celebrate Buddha Jayanti with you and your loved ones, through a most Special Broadcast, in [...]

Is there True Love?

    I have yet to figure out what true or immaculate love is. The relation one has with another in this world is invariably governed by the principle of give and take, so much so that [...]

Surdas Jayanti Special

As offers this most special tribute to the great poet and saint, kavi sur das… You will learn not only about his life, but also some fascinating and little known points [...]