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Chhath Puja (October 27-30) Special


1. Why and how Chhath Puja Festival became so popular for Biharis (English) ?
2. Why Chhath signifies 6 stages of Hath Yoga (Hindi) ?
3. What is the science behind Chhath Puja (English and Hindi) ?
4. What are the benefits of Sun-worship (English and Hindi) ?
5. What is the importance of Chapter 9 of the Gita (English and Hindi) ?

Appropriate Mantras, Stotra and Bhajan
1. Three Minutes of Gayatri Mantra Recitation
2. The Most Powerful Prayer of Planet Sun- Aditya Hridaya Stotra (Surya ki Sabse Prabhavshali Prarthna) - In original Sanskrit with Hindi Translation
3. Chali Ahiyo Surajmal (in a colloquial Bihari language)

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