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Shri Radha-Ashtami (September 2) Special

1.Why was Shri Radha born (English)?
2.Why was Radha's love for Lord Krishna mysterious and supernal (English)?
3. What are 3 types of love (Hindi)?
4. What did Radha say to Uddhav (Hindi)?
5. What are the benefits of chanting Radha-Radha (Hindi)?
6.What does "Radhopnishad" say (Hindi)?
7. Explanations of 18th and 19th shlokas of Gita chapter 12 (English)

Also, listen to the following melodious Radha Bhajans:
1. Radha ka prem kaun jane
2. Krishnamayi Radha Bhayee
3. Prem ki peeda..Radha jane
4. Ye to prem ki baat hai Udho
5. Shri Radha Krishnaya Namah (Most Melodious Aarti)

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